by Chris Adede . Nov 03, 2022

Tesla Offering Autopilot Camera Upgrades To Owners With FSD Capabilities

Source: Tesla

Autopilot upgrades of cameras are being offered by tesla to users who possess FSD (full self-driving ) ability. This offer precedes the wide FSD released by Tesla.

Complementary camera upgrades, which are autopilot, are being shared by Tesla. This is in accordance with an email shared with Teslarati. An appointment must be made by the ones owning Tesla with the company's service team in an attempt of availing the offer. Jason G, a reader of Teslarati received an alert concerning the same. This made him plan an appointment for service with the mobile service.

Jason G has been longing to be part of Tesla’s FSD beta program by Tesla, in addition, he has the permission required to become a tester since he meets the safety score. He told Teslarati that he was in that car's beta queue and had an eligible score for safety yet had not received the beta. He claimed that that was the reason why the advantage would be for those with the highest score for safety and intel atom MCUs.

Bob C, the owner of Tesla, is also not left behind since he has received an alert for the same upgrades. An offer has been made by tesla for him to upgrade his 2017 model S 2017 cameras. A forum written by Bob C has captured that years ago he bought FSD where an upgrade of his HW 2.0 was made by Tesla to HW 3.0 at no cost.

He also improved from his MCU 1 TO MCU 2 on his nickel. He added that he is looking forward to seeing the improvements that will be made since according to him he has never made a request to FSD despite having a safety score of 98 and being patient for a period of 3 full months.

Tesla FSD Camera

Source: Tesla


For the adopters driving model X and model S vehicles, an offer was made by Tesla for autopilot upgrades of the camera to early FSD in late 2021, November. Those camera upgrades appear to be synonymous with the ones for this year.

A release, ‘supervised FSD’, is expected to be made by Tesla which requires all drivers to follow basic protocols while driving. They should also keep an eye on the surroundings and if it necessitates, they should be prepared to assume control.

Elon Musk gave a guarantee that the wide release by the FSD would be approved by the regulatory boards. An update of FSD will be released next year which will show its value to the regulators.  

Musk said that for anyone ordering the package, they would release full software which is self-driving if they do so before this year comes to an end.

Will the regulatory approval, therefore, be an issue? Before that time, it will be an issue, the car will however have the ability to take one to his friend’s house, from home to work, and to the store-grocery, without him or her necessarily touching the wheel.

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