by Areej Fatima . Oct 27, 2022

U.S is getting new Tesla Colors in Model Y

Tesla Model Y in QuickSilver paint
Photo Credit: InsideEVs

Tesla Model Y in Cherry Red Hue

Tesla Model Y in Cherry Red Hue
Photo Credit: InsideEVs

With their ability to change color depending on light and perspective, these are undoubtedly the brand's most dynamic hues. Unfortunately, because they are only being used at Tesla Giga-Berlin, these hues will only be offered in Europe and the Middle East.

 Tesla Twitter

Photo Source: Twitter


Elon Musk replied to a tweet that the United States would also get new hues. Musk's reaction relieved many Tesla consumers who had grown tired of the company's standard red, white, blue, black, and silver color selections.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, made it clear that both  Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red paints for the Giga Berlin will be exposed in the U.S.

A new "flat" hue would be the most obvious solution in Tesla. Tesla has long employed flat hues, with their red serving as the greatest example.

You may get a good indication of the most likely selections by comparing Tesla's current color options with the most popular automotive colors in the U.S. Black, gray, and white have historically been in demand. Still, a new hue of blue or red is also conceivable.

Tesla Vehicle

Photo Source: CarBuzz 

It is unclear what these new hues will look like or when they will be made available. However, there is no doubt that customers who continuously seek to set their automobiles apart from others will find favor with Tesla's new color, regardless of their choice.

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