by Chris Adede . Nov 23, 2022

Updates Made By Tesla To Model 3 Including Amber Sign Turn Signals

Source Tesla

Before the update to the taillights, Tesla Model 3 performance was prone to accidents and other road-related unfortunate events since the turn signals were the same color as the brake light. Therefore the core update adopted by Tesla to this model now is to the turn signal which has been changed to amber. This means that motorists will have a clear vision that you are about to turn. According to studies made by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, amber lights reduce the likelihood of a collision. The design of the taillights has also not been left behind.  The update has encompassed animation effects that are dynamic therefore making the car more attractive and also cooler. The change is also designed to imitate an eagle’s eye making it even more attractive. Thanks to this eagle’s eye design the taillights can now be recognized with ease.   

The new design has been described as ‘X Treme tail lights’ according to Hansshow auto parts.  Its quality should also not make you concerned since it is top of the line and also has a waterproof aspect. The new taillights can be described as extraordinary since on top of all these,  they are also dustproof and well-built. They have also been modernized in such a way that the c shape shines brighter during braking according to the report given by Tesla. This illumination occurs following the driver's manual application of the brake or when the brakes are applied by the driver-assist feature.

Also, the portion which is red on the taillight has also been made to be brighter when the brakes have not been applied. These changes have helped to make the car safer.

Another outstanding aspect that this update carries with itself is that one can install the taillights on his/her own. The only prerequisite to this is carefully going through the instructions for installation before making an attempt to install.


Source Tesla

The changes being made to Model 3 performance now were made to Model Y about two years ago that is in august 2020. This means that the newly designed taillights are fit and available to model 3/Y 2017 to 2022. The only major drawback of this update as far as model 3 performance is concerned is that the impact of the change is evident only for  Fremont built after October 2022. Concerning the other Model 3 variants, there has so far been no communication on whether the changes will take effect in the future but we remain hopeful.

In comparison to the previous design of taillights which was dull and did not elicit a warning strong enough to other motorists, the updated version shines brighter, therefore, making driving safer. It also helps the car look to be up to the minute. Functions attributed to this taillight update include a highlight when the driver brakes, starts the vehicle or when he/she is reversing. The taillights also have the capability to show a light signal when one makes a sequential turn.

At Hansshow, we have these fantastic taillights. They are equipped with a turn signal, stop light, and reverse lights, among other features. Additionally, the design renders your Tesla more elegant than ever before. Want to make your automobile look cooler? With our taillight product, you can accomplish this since it features a dynamic, durable, waterproof, and dustproof animation effect.

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