by Morton E. . Oct 26, 2023

USA's First Tesla V4 Supercharger Goes Live

Image Credit: Tesla Charging/X

Tesla has gone live with its first V4 Supercharger in the United States. The charging station is located in Sparks, Nevada. The chargers are expected to have adapters so that non-Teslas could eventually use them. 

What's happening: Apart from Sparks, Nevada, Tesla V4 Superchargers have been spotted in Wilsonville, Oregon, and Atlanta, Georgia, in the US. The new chargers are more powerful than previous generations. They are also expected to be optimized for Tesla's next-gen vehicles like the Cybertruck. 

Why it matters: The new V4 Superchargers will be instrumental in the rollout of the Tesla Cybertruck, which is scheduled to begin deliveries next month. The V4 Superchargers would also play an important role when non-Teslas start using the Supercharger Network. Due to their rapid speed, they can potentially serve more electric cars than Tesla's older chargers. 

Key details: Before it was launched in the US, Tesla's V4 Supercharger ramp has been evident in Europe, with multiple sites going live in several countries. Tesla has also received funding of about €149 million from the European Union to install or upgrade its Supercharger Network in the region. Tesla is planning on using the funds to upgrade more than 7,000 Superchargers to V4 stalls. 

What's next: Tesla plans to open more V4 Superchargers in the US and Europe in the coming months. The company is also expanding its Supercharger network in other regions, such as China and Asia.

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