by Chris Adede . Nov 15, 2022

Zoom App Details Close to Release in Tesla Cars

Credit: Zoom

Zoom, the video conferencing app that has become a staple for businesses worldwide, is finally coming to Tesla vehicles.

At Zoomtopia 2022 on Tuesday, Tesla announced that it would add Zoom functionality to its vehicles. The live audience and viewers well received the announcement at home.

The news is another major development for Zoom in the past year or so. This spring, Zoom announced it would add video conferencing capabilities to its mobile app. This move followed several years of success for the company as a platform for online meetings.

In addition to adding functionalities like video calls, text chat, and screen sharing to its mobile apps, Zoom has also been improving its software to work better with other products.

The announcement comes after Tesla released a promotional video of the V11 software update featuring behind-the-scenes footage of Tesla engineers working on the new model.

The V11 software update released by Tesla previously has been the subject of much speculation among fans and enthusiasts alike.

In the latest software update, Tesla vehicles received several entertainment upgrades. Sonic the Hedgehog, Battle of Polytopia and Sudoku came to the Tesla Arcade.

The V11 Software Update also featured a new Boombox Megaphone that allows owners to play music through their vehicle's speakers, allowing them to blast their favorite jams from their phones.

In addition to these new features, the V11 Software Update also included the Blind Spot Camera feature. The blind spot camera notifies drivers of vehicles in adjacent lanes when they are changing lanes without using turn signals.

But what caught our attention were two small details included in the promotional video for this update. First, a shot of a Zoom logo on someone's phone screen. Second, a shot where a Zoom logo could be seen on a laptop screen used by one of the developers working on this update.

Zoom app on the Tesla

Source: Zoom

Zoom officially announced that it would begin offering its video conferencing app to Tesla vehicles. The announcement came from Zoomtopia by Nitasha Walia, Zoom’s Group Product Manager for Meetings.

Nitasha Walia spoke about how Zoom’s app will help drivers keep their hands on the wheel while they talk with others via video chat. She also explained how this would help drivers avoid distractions while driving and keep their eyes focused on the road ahead.

The announcement followed a brief demo of the app's capabilities at the event. The demo showed that Zoom uses the vehicle's cabin camera above the rear-view mirror.

But what blew us away was how easy it was to sync your calendar with your Tesla vehicle. Once you sync your calendar, you can access Zoom meetings directly from the in-car calendar. You'll never have to miss another meeting again!

It needs to be determined whether Zoom will run on WiFi or feature a premium connectivity option. Still, it's certainly exciting news for those who want to connect with their colleagues and clients using the same technology they use daily.

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