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Model Y Power Frunk V5

30 reviews
Model Y Power Frunk: Yes
Trunk Kick Sensor: Yes

USA AREA- Ship from USA Warehouse Directly.

Installation Tutorial

Model Y Power Frunk Installation Manual:Click Here

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USA AREA- Ship from USA Warehouse Directly.

Model Y Power Frunk:

1. Centre Console, Key Fob, Tesla APP, SmartWatch Can Control The Frunk Open and Close

2.All Plug & Play plugs, easy installation, the same open hight as original frunk

3.Powe Frunk V5 Feature:
1) Superfine strut
2) Ultra low noise strut and electric suction lock
3) Waterproof control box and electric lock
4) Aviation grade waterproof plug
5) Specially designed bracket for durability improvement and non-destructive installation
6) Intelligent control system prevents the Frunk from opening while driving
4. 1 year warranty

  • 🚗 With gear detection function, the original tailgate has no gear detection
    This new version will only open the tailgate with kick sensor in P gear, The tailgate cannot be operated when the kick sensor is in the protection state in N/R/D gear, N. D. R gear can be opened according to the original manual buckle
  • 🚗 With car washing protection function,
    Equipped with a wireless remote control. In the car washing mode, press the lock button of the remote control to cut off the kick sensor. After the car washing, press the unlock button to start, so as to prevent the tailgate from mistakenly opening due to the kick of the water gun in the car washing state


1. Once make the order, order confirm and shipping email will send to your mail box automatically. If you did not see it in your email box, please check your spam email box or contact
2.If you have any problems during installation, please contact our after-sales team in time, and we will help you to solve your problems.
3.The problems caused by incorrect installation shall be borne by yourself.


Image & Video


Model Y Power Frunk Installation Manual: Click Here
 Model Y 2022 AMD Version: power connection position of 16V lithium battery


1. Model Y Power Frunk Installation Precautions – Bracket

If you install our Model Y power frunk, pls pay attention to install the bracket of strut.
Here is the video on how to install the bracket: Click Here

2.Power frunk can not close down after installed
Here is the video on how to solve this problem: Click Here

3. Emergency Cable

- how to open your power frunk without installing the emergency cable
- if you need install the emergency cable, how to install and fix it?
Here is the video on how to solve this problem: Click Here

4.How to install different version struts for Model Y Power Frunk

Here is the Tutorial Video : Click Here

5. Installation Precautions - bracket screw of strut
Here is the video on how to replace the screw: Click Here


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Strange P.

Good product and easily to install. I only had some confusion about the strut mount, as they were labelled L and R but had to sit opposite to the cars left and Right side. Maybe I didn't understand the arrow beside the L and R markers. Manual instruction pictures was a bit blur for me to entirely see exactly what it was, but at least they were better than nothing :) Nice seller with serious support!! I accidently cut one of my wires and immediately got help from Hansshow via WhatsApp, where they offered me videocall for support. I didn't need it though, but I got a spare strut with fast delivery!! My best recommendations.

Dewayne K.
United States United States

Auto frunk

This is amazing. The install was simple and it works great. Love it thanks hanshow. I will make sure to review it on my YouTube channel and shout y'all out.

Toan D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Automatic closed/opened frunk with app or in car

Great product, the hardest and time consuming is getting Tesla original struts out, rest of install is plug and plays type wires (can't go wrong) but be sure all plugs are connected and configured correctly from the original wires assembly, had no issue with front bracket latch, no alignment needed...recommend to buy if you own a TESLA 3/Y

Hong Kong

To a certain point, it is a good product. But for a novice, it takes a little time to complete the installation.

United States United States

Installation was easy! Took about an hour! The Frunk have been use more often after the install as it makes it so much more user friendly. Good product and well built kit from Hansshow. It’s really just plug and play after you get pass installing the struts! Highly recommend for all Tesla!

United States

Easy to install and make sure you have a T dual Quick Solderless Wire Splice Connector, to make installation easier. Good product! Highly recommend to brighten up your Frunk.

Audie A.
United States United States

Power frunk

I haven't yet received my Tesla, so, I won't be able to give you any feedback. I will as soon as I'll get my car and install it. Thank you!

John H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Power frunk

Product is Excellent. Instructions needs slightly more detail for DYI install.

Matt G.
United States United States
I recommend this product


Install was super easy. Had a poor ground on the ground wire so that was my fault. Hood latch adjustment was easy. Everything lined up and works perfect. I did not install the little siren that came with it because I think that beep is annoying. Makes a the frunk something I use often now because of how easy it is to use now. Before it was basically a worthless space to me. Overall this is a 10/10 modification for me and I recommend it to anyone. I hope that it lasts as long as I have this car.

Van B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Model Y Power Frunk V5

Bought this poduct in anticipation of my incoming model Y after seing videos on Yourube. Not used it, so can't recomend or not recomend. But Delivery was very prompt and efficient with tracking. Arrived within 3 days of order from china to the UK. So definitely recomend the store.

Mark L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

What every Tesla needs

This is a fantastic addition to make the frunk truly useable. Takes some time and the instructions could be better but thanks to youtubers, plenty of step by step instructions out there to get you through the install.

Stephon B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Love it

Since getting this installed I use my frunk on a regular basis. Best accessory I’ve added.

Gregory P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Model Y Power Frunk V5 - Really useful aftermarket addition to my MY

I relied upon an experienced installer of the Model Y Power Frunk V5; while I’m sure that I could have installed it myself, I’m also sure that it would have required well over the hour that my installer took to accomplish the task. The result works well and has already allowed me to use the Frunk several times a day as compared to nearly never prior to its addition. Good product, well engineered.

sungwook c.
South Korea South Korea
I recommend this product

MODEL Y Power Frunk V5

한쇼 제품 두번째 설치인데 이전 제품이 1년 조금 지난 시점에서 고장나 탈거함 내구성이 약한듯 생각됨 이전 v4.3 제품 탈거하고 v5 제품으로 다시 설치 두번째 설치 작업이라 설치에는 문제가 없었으나 이전 제품에 쇼바 모터 탈거 작업이 어려워 와이퍼까지 탈거해서 작업함 v4.3 제품에는 비상 오픈 스위치에 배선이 있었으나 v5 제품에서는 비상 오픈 스위치쪽 추가 배선이 없음 이번 제품은 오랫동안 고장없이 사용했으면 좋겠네요

Hansshow Model Y Power Frunk V5 Review
Jimmy T.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Model Y Power Frunk v5

All pieces came to work with the Model Y 2022, the manual didn't include the image of where lithium battery to power the unit was, it does come with that nut for it, be sure to locate the image on the page where you see details of the power frunk that's where the 2022 model y image is it will help later, overall very satisfied with the product it's a must have for sure, 2022 has these clips that holds plastic down with the new power struts will go, if u have big arms its a must to remove it to get your arm thru, for us big arms make sure you have long flat head screw driver to help loosen the locking clamp for the power strut so your other arm can push/pull the new power strut on too the ball, or you will have a hard time. Product works as advertised, with YouTube videos to help guide, it was super easy to do it.

A Hansshow Customer
Tony S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Excellent, game changing addon

This addon has basically made my frunk a now daily accessible space. Prior to this, I used it so infrequently to try and avoid damaging the hood when closing it; especially with the kids. The installation was straight forward, I wouldn't say it was easy, but it certainly went smoothly, I followed all the tips on line, and those made it easier. This truly needs to be used by default by all owners.

Kevin R.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Product Works Great, Install a bit Clunky

Have had the product installed for the past few weeks and works flawlessly. Makes having the Frunk on my model Y actually usable. However, the install is not so straighforward and even online videos are dated as parts change. Would really recommend that hansshow provide some decent installation documentation for their customers (i.e. getting the power on a lithium ion 12V battery was a big question and the emergency latch design seems to have completely changed). In any case product is great and all the parts seem to be of high quality.

Nhan L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Easy to install, tricky instructions but manageable

After watching multiple YouTube videos (on different kit versions and MY model yrs), the installation was straight-forward. Yes, the hardest steps were the two struts. Wish the wiring instructions were more clear. The wire were labeled D-1 thru D-5 (prob. for quality check) and wish that these labels were marked explicitly in the instructions. Though, the connectors were all distinct -- each connector is different from the others and it was impossible of making a wrong connection -- it appeared overwhelming at first. Like, would the wire D-3 or D-4 go to the right or left strut (hint, it doesn't matter). In the end, I left with a single open connector and it took a while for me to realize that it was for a beeper that came with the kit. My MY was 2022, the kit was Ver. 5, and it worked fine.

Tom H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Model Y electric frunk v5

Item amazing. Design can use some improvement so it can fit in some specific notch of the Y and cables need to be longer for the struts, barely reached to where I needed it. Manual is just ok buy pictures can be better and sharper. Overall would buy again.

Eric P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Magic Frunk

The install was easy and it works amazing