by Morton E. . Sep 27, 2023

New Tesla Model 3 Developed Mainly By China Engineering Team, Confirms VP Lars Moravy

Image Credit: Tesla China/Weibo

In a recently posted video, Tesla VP - Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy stated that the new Model 3 was a breakthrough for Tesla China's engineering team. The video was posted by Tesla China on its official Weibo account.

Why it matters: The Tesla Model 3 was the vehicle that made Tesla a mainstream automaker. Making a successor for the vehicle is therefore a very important task. After all, the Model 3, while very important for Tesla's lineup, has become eclipsed by the Model Y over the past few years. 

With the new Model 3 in the market, the electric sedan has a chance to capture more attention from car buyers. Thanks to its revamped exterior and interior, as well as other key features like a rear display and stalkless driving system, the Model 3 seems poised to become another strong seller for Tesla.

What's happening: In the video, Moravy, who was part of the team that created the original Model 3, explained that the development of the updated electric sedan was a great effort to create the best version of the electric car. During the vehicle's development phase, Tesla was also aiming to make the vehicle's customers happier. 

"For me, this is very special because I was part of the engineering team that worked on the original Model 3 -- and to do it all over again, you really can focus on all of those things that you've learned over those six years. To really put that impact back into the car, makes this car really the best Model 3," Moravy said.

An important nod: The VP of Vehicle Engineering shared that the updated Model 3 can be considered the debut of Tesla China's engineering team. This was because the vehicle was mostly developed in the country.

"It's super exciting that Tesla engineering team from China gets to introduce itself to the world with the brand new Model 3 that they developed mostly here in China. And it's all a bit like artwork. I'm super excited to get a new one" Moravy said.

What we have: While the new Model 3 is highly anticipated, the vehicle is likely to start deliveries in the United States next year. In the meantime, you may want to consider some of our accessories that can give your Model 3 or Model Y a "Highland"-esque feel, such as our Hansshow Tesla Model 3/Y H72 Rear CarPlay Screen or our Tesla Model 3/Y 7.5-inch Intelligent Entertainment System Screen (V3)

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