by Chris Adede . Nov 16, 2022

Tesla Opens Its Charging Standard to All Car Manufacturers Outside of Its Line

Source: Tesla

Tesla announced on November 11 the opening of its proprietary charging standard. The company originally introduced the charging stand in 2012 with the market launch of the Tesla Model S to handle standard AC charging and fast DC charging.

This move represents a significant step toward achieving one of Tesla's goals: to make electric vehicles more convenient by introducing a universal solution that allows drivers to charge their cars anywhere.

In a statement released by Tesla, CEO Elon Musk said: "We are opening our patents so that other companies can use our technologies in good faith." He added that this move was part of his plan to accelerate progress toward mass-market electric vehicles (EV).

This proprietary standard will allow for safe and efficient charging across all charging stations, making it easier than ever for drivers to charge their cars. It is also the first time that an automaker has offered a proprietary standard for public use.

With over a decade of use and 20 billion miles of charging, this proprietary standard is safe and effective. According to insideevs, it's the most proven all-electric vehicle charging standard on the market today.

The company named the standard North American Charging Standard (NACS). They stated that this would allow other companies to adopt it rather than the CCS Combo 1/ SAE J1772 Combo or the already outgoing CHAdeMO.

This is a huge win for electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts because it means that more companies will be able to build cars that can charge at more locations around the country, making them more accessible to consumers who want to drive EVs.

Tesla's new charging standard has been designed to be compatible with both AC and DC fast charging, making it possible to use a single charging station for both types of charging.

The new standard, the Tesla Charging Standard (TCS), will allow users to charge their cars at any TCS-compatible charging station, regardless of whether the outlet is AC or DC.

The standard has been released as a combination of hardware and software solutions that other automakers can use to design their electric vehicles and charging stations.

1-phase AC Charging

The new standard, called "1-phase AC charging," uses a single-phase circuit to power up electric vehicles. The standard is still in its infancy, but Tesla says it's designed to help increase the adoption of EVs around the globe by making them more accessible.

In the case of AC charging, the standard is single-phase, and that's probably its only drawback preventing it from global adoption because, in many markets (including Europe), higher power levels (11-22 kW) are available through three-phase circuits.


Tesla Motors announced that it would be opening its proprietary charging standard in North America, which will be made available to all manufacturers and suppliers of electric vehicles. The company points out that the NACS is North America's most common charging standard.

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