by Chris Adede . Nov 16, 2022

Tesla Teases Release of Steer-by-Wire by Next Year

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Tesla recently announced that it would release a new steering wheel in the coming years. The system, called Steer-by-Steer Wire, will allow drivers to control the direction of their vehicle with the movement of their wrists.

This steering wheel is unlike any other out there. It uses a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence. This determines the angle of the driver's wrist. Later on, it translates that into a specific direction for the car. This means that drivers can turn their wrists one way to go left and another to go right without using their hands.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, this new feature will make driving safer. This is because it removes distractions from drivers' hands. Thus, allowing them to focus on other things while driving.

Tesla is set to feature steer-by-steer wire in its Model S and Model X by 2023. The California-based company has been working on the technology for several years. But, they're finally ready to bring it to the market.

The steer-by-steer wire is an alternative to traditional steering systems. These systems use hydraulics or gears. Instead of using direct mechanical connections, steer-by-steer wires are connected to a computer system. This system controls each wheel's angle.

Thus, it allows for much greater precision in steering than traditional systems. The previous systems can be problematic when driving at high speeds or uneven terrain.


The first time this feature was seen in a Tesla vehicle was in the summer of the 2021 Model S, which was released at that time.

The steering wheel met mixed reactions from users, with some being excited by the prospect of having greater control over their cars. In contrast, others complained about its sensitivity and lack of feedback.

The company is expected to improve upon this feature with its next-generation vehicle. It will be available sometime in 2023.

Elon Musk responded to criticisms about the steering wheel. This is by saying that Tesla will release a steer-by-wire system that will be safer and more efficient than current technology.

Toyota was the first company to feature steer-by-wire technology. The technology uses electronic controls to make it easier for drivers to control their vehicles.

With its new system, Tesla is looking to bridge the gap between human control and autonomous driving.

Why Choose Steer-by-wire?

Steer by wire is a system that allows you to control your vehicle's steering wheel without being connected to the road.

It uses sensors and actuators to monitor the position of your steering wheel and then sends that information to the car's computer.

The car uses cables that transmit electronic signals to the vehicle’s gear. It adjusts the feedback from the steering wheel while removing vibrations. Thus, this improves the steering ratio.

Moreover, it reacts much more quickly than traditional hydraulic steering systems. The system is independent of the engine. It can process information from various sources. These sources include GPS data or weather reports, before adopting it.

The advanced system reacts to several variables, such as speed, acceleration, and deceleration. This is along with other factors, such as tire pressure or whether you're going up or down a hill, to produce a precise steering ratio for each situation.

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