by Chris Adede . Oct 20, 2022

The Tesla App Now Includes a New In-App Feature to Prevent the Door Handle from Freezing

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Tesla has released a new feature in the Tesla mobile app to help prevent frozen door handles. The feature, Trevor Page shared on Twitter, will unlock the frozen door handle and allow owners to enter the car without struggling with their frozen doors.


In 2020, Tesla developed a Preheat Feature to defrost cameras, door handles, and charge ports. The problem is that when people drive in freezing weather, their Tesla door handles become stiff and difficult to open. This new feature allows users to press the app's center button, unlatch the handle, and open the car door.

Trevor Page, a Tesla user, recently shared these new features with his followers. Preheating is not required for this new feature; however, it does make it easier for you to open your doors when they're frozen shut.

In response to this safety concern, Tesla has published a new version of its mobile app (Version 4.14.0) with a new vehicle software update (2022.36+).

The release notes are as follows:

        “Lock Screen widget to display vehicle battery range.

            Quick control to unlatch Model 3 or Model Y driver door, helpful if the door handle is frozen

       *Vehicle software version 2022.36+ required

Tesla drivers may now remotely unlock their vehicles' driver's doors with the app, which is "useful if the door handle is frozen," as the company puts it in the app's release notes.


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