4 Doors handle kits
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Model 3/Y Auto Present Door Handle (4 Doors) - V3
Model 3 Y auto present door handle
Auto prensent door handles core functions
100% Upgrade original door handle fit for tesla model
The light of vehicle door handles display
Door handle colors can be switched by pressing internal button
model 3 Y door handles kits
Auto present door handles accessories display
Model Y 2021/07+ Extension adapter plug for rear door

Model 3/Y Auto Present Door Handle (4 Doors) - V3

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  • Compatible Model : Model 3, Model Y, compatible with both Tesla with Intel chips as well as the new AMD chips
  • Fashion Appearance : Original vehicle mold opening; The radian is the same as that of the original vehicle. It fits like the original vehicle without gaps
  • Multi-Functions : (1) Automatic wireless opening of the door handle. (2) Remote control key to control the opening and closing of the door handle (3) Gear control of the door handle opening (P) and closing (D) (4) Screen button to control the opening and closing of the door handle (Unlock button) and close (lock button) (5) The application controls the door handle to open (unlock button) and close (lock button) (6) Touch the door handle to open and close
  • Colorful Light Version: When the door handle pops up, press the internal button to switch the color(default colors: dazzle color, streamer, red, green, blue, white, ice blue, orange and purple)
  • Installation : plug & play ; non-destructive installation; The new V3 version of the electric door handle has been optimized in all aspects, which simplifies the installation process, shortens the installation time

1. The door handle does not pop up electrically;
2. Button light of the door handle does not turn on or is retracted and does not go out

Solution: Please download the following upgrade file and instruction to upgrade the Auto Door Handle.
Links to software documentation: Click Here
Video operation link: Click Here

For installation service in Southern California, United States, please call Tes Studio:
Phone Number: +1 (657) 565-1007
Email: Service@tesstudio.us

Door Handle Light: White Light
White Light
Colorful light
Door Handle Finish: Matte Black
Matte Black
Carbon Fiber Style
Car Model Year: Model 3 2021-2023.08
Model 3 2021-2023.08
Model Y
SKU: 10L00011

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