by Morton E. . Nov 30, 2023

Top Gear Names Tesla Cybertruck "Disruptor of the Year"

Image Credit: Top Gear/YouTube

In a rather surprising move, British motoring magazine Top Gear has given the Tesla Cybertruck its "Disruptor of the Year" award for 2023. The all-electric pickup truck has not yet started its deliveries, but Top Gear editor-in-chief Jack Rix admitted that the vehicle truly deserves its award. 

While discussing the Cybertruck, Rix admitted that Top Gear actually did not think that Tesla would produce the Cybertruck. But the EV maker did, and now it’s about to start its deliveries. For that alone, Tesla definitely deserves some credit.

“Our first award of the night which goes to disruptor of the year and this car. Well, it takes wedgie and edgy to a whole new level. It is of course the new Tesla Cybertruck, Elon Musk's stainless steel cyberpunk fantasy. If we're honest it's a car we didn't think was ever going to make production but hey what do we know because they've done it and they even invited us out to Los Angeles to have a go,” Rix said.

Rix also said that Top Gear filmed some footage with the Cybertruck, but the video would not be released until after the Cybertruck delivery event at Giga Texas on Thursday.

The Cybertruck's Disruptor of the Year award is particularly interesting considering Tesla’s rocky history with Top Gear. Tesla sued Top Gear for libel during the days of the original Roadster after then-presenter Jeremy Clarkson claimed that the electric sports car ran out of range after just a few laps around the track. The EV maker lost the case, however, as the courts noted that no viewers of the show would be likely to reasonably compare the Roadster's performance on Top Gear with its real-world capabilities.

The Cybertruck delivery event is scheduled for Thursday at Giga Texas. Tesla has not yet announced how many Cybertrucks it plans to deliver in the first batch, but the company has said that it is ramping up production of the vehicle.

Watch Top Gear’s video for its vehicle of the year awards below.

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