Tesla Model 3/Y F68 Carplay Dashboard Touch Screen 6.86" Display
Tesla Model 3/Y F68 Carplay Dashboard Touch Screen 6.86" Display
Tesla Model 3/Y F68 Carplay Dashboard Touch Screen 6.86" Display
Tesla Model 3/Y F68 Carplay Dashboard Touch Screen 6.86" Display
Tesla Model 3/Y F68 Carplay Dashboard Touch Screen 6.86" Display
Tesla Model 3/Y F68 Carplay Dashboard Touch Screen 6.86" Display
Tesla Model 3/Y F68 Carplay Dashboard Touch Screen 6.86" Display
Tesla Model 3/Y F68 Carplay Dashboard Touch Screen 6.86" Display
Tesla Model 3/Y F68 Carplay Dashboard Touch Screen 6.86" Display

Tesla Model 3/Y F68 Carplay Dashboard Touch Screen 6.86" Display

Car Models: Model 3 /Model Y
Model 3 /Model Y
Model 3 2017-2019
Forward Blind Spot Camera: With Camera
With Camera
SKU: 10H00084

1. Introducing our state-of-the-art vehicular system: tailored specifically for dedicated car models, ensuring a seamless and damage-free installation experience. Powered by a high-performance Linux system, it promises unmatched efficiency and reliability.

2. For the tech-savvy user, our system proudly supports Carplay and boasts a swift 5G connectivity, ensuring your drives are as connected as you are. Experience visuals like never before on the stunning 6.86-inch 2.5D HD screen, designed to display vibrant and clear graphics.

3. Safety and information are at the forefront with our system. Synchronize with your car's primary info: from basic indicators like

  • left/right turn signals
  • headlamps
  • safety belt statu
  • external temperature
  • speed limit prompts
  • battery usage
  • distance between vehicles
  • current speed
  • door status
  • gear position
  • remaining mileage tire pressure

4. Our commitment to safety doesn't end there – with front-facing camera support and a vehicular radar feature, you can drive with increased awareness and confidence.

5. Enhance your driving experience, stay informed, and most importantly, stay safe with our cutting-edge system.

Installation Manual: Click here

Upgrade file and instruction : Click Here

Note: Please upgrade the software to solve the problem of the incorrect battery and mileage display after the 4.6 5.16 f68 f62p Tesla upgrade. 

Note: If you are in these conditions, please select can2: Receive the screen after 2024, June 19; the original Tesla screen has not been upgraded; and is not version 20.1 or 14.9.  If your Tesla version has been upgraded to 20.1 or 14.9, enter the settings and select can3


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Installation Tutorial

Front camera

  • Radar induction trigger : There are high, medium and low in the settings, choose ;
  • Manual entry : Push the right scroll wheel right for 3 seconds to enter the front view camera ;
  • Touch entry : Move left on the right side of the screen to see a small menu, click to enter the front-view camera)
  • Note :The original car does not have radar function and requires manual entry

Cause 1: Power supply fuse burnt out
Solution: Replace the same model fuse.

Cause 2: Other factors causing the microprocessor to work abnormally
Solution: Restart the key.

Cause 3: Main unit plug disconnected and not reconnected within 5 minutes
Solution: Reconnect the wiring harness, lock the car for 2 hours, keep the mobile phone and remote key more than 20 meters away from the car, and check if the screen can light up after 2 hours.

Cause 4: Main unit or screen plug not connected properly
Solution: Reconnect the main unit plug.

Cause: Backend data error
Solution: Reconnect the main unit plug.

Cause: Power line protocol line not connected
Solution: Reconnect and inspect the wiring connections.

Cause: You can enter the settings interface to set it.
Solution: Press and hold the right scroll wheel on the car steering wheel for 3 seconds to enter.

Cause: Child lock function not enabled on the original car's head unit
Solution: Enable the child lock function in the original car's settings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Michal Votrubec
High recommendation

Perfect sit
The camera has a good resolution
The touch screen has a good response
I'm excited


For Tesla Y from Berlin 2024 perfect sit and functional.

Riccardo Righenzi
CarPlay dashboard

Very nice tool, simple to use and to assembly

Massimiliano C.

Hi, I waited a while before giving this feedback to try this monitor and how it works
PACKAGING: the package arrived well sealed and ahead of the expected date, the only thing I didn't like was the lack of gloves with the Hansshow logo and the USB/USB-C adapter (I really cared about both)
ASSEMBLY: Assembly is not complicated although the instructions are really smart, the only problem is represented by the double-sided adhesive supplied which is absolutely not high-performance and reliable
The materials in general seem good to me
OPERATION: the monitor looks good, has good graphics and the camera resolution is excellent in all conditions. I was unable to connect the device's audio to my Tesla (when I listen to music or radio stations with Spotify I don't have the audio return of the navigator or application alerts). Can you give me some directions?
Overall I think I would recommend this device to my friends

Bobby Salazar

Very nice and very easy to install. It cones with all tools you needed to install it. Fast delivery.