Hansshow technology has accumulated a wealth of engineering experience in TESLA Auto Parts manufacturing after more than ten years of auto parts industry research and work.



Powerful R&D Capability

We have strong R&D capabilities for our PCB and electronic modular system. Our engineers and designers work together with sales and marketing teams regularly to explore the potentials of market trends and to evaluate how it can be translated into product designs.

Rigorous Quality Inspection

Our focus on design, manufacturing and testing procedures has set the industry's highest quality standards. Our quality procedures require multiple inspections and tests at all stages of manufacturing.

Material and Spare Parts Testing

All material and spare parts are tested before assembling by our QC team to ensure the highest quality.

Experienced and Skilled Worker

Our workers have been working in the auto parts industry for more than 10 years. They are well-trained and have extensive experience and professional knowledge to complete assembly work efficiently.