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Tesla Cybertruck Builds Are Getting Better -- Customer Deliveries Soon?

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A Tesla Cybertruck was recently spotted in Palo Alto, California. The build quality of the all-electric truck hints that customer deliveries are probably just around the corner.  

Why it matters: Sightings of the Tesla Cybertruck have become very frequent in the United States. Over the past weeks, videos and photos of numerous Cybertrucks have been shared online. The build quality of some of the Cybertrucks, however, left much to be desired. 

Having misaligned panels and doors that don’t line up perfectly is not that much of an issue since the Cybertruck has not been released to customers yet. Preferably, Tesla would be able to refine the Cybertruck’s assembly process to reduce build quality issues before the vehicle’s first deliveries begin. 

What to Know: As could be seen in the recently shared images from Palo Alto, California, the Cybertruck’s build quality is already improving. In the photos, it is evident that the panels of the electric pickup are already aligned perfectly

This could be seen especially in the tail gate, the plastics around the bed, and the doors. If Tesla is already producing Cybertrucks that are this well-built today, then it may really just be a matter of time before the company announces the first delivery event for the futuristic pickup truck. 

Tesla Representative Slips? While Tesla has not announced the official date for the Cybertruck’s delivery event, electric vehicle advocate Ryan Levenson of The Kilowatts shared a recent conversation he had with a Tesla representative. When asked about the Cybertruck’s delivery date in the United States, the Tesla salesperson stated that handovers would start in a few days. 

Tesla would later call back the EV owner and explain that the representative misspoke and that the provided delivery date for the Cybertruck was based only on speculation. This may sound like Tesla doing some damage control, but the company has mentioned in the past that it is looking to start Cybertruck deliveries in late Q3. 

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