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Tesla Model X og Model S får WLTP-sertifisering i Europa før de første leveringene

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In a groundbreaking move, Tesla has recently released its official (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) WLTP range ratings for the Model S and Model X in Europe. It's been two years since Tesla stopped delivering Model X and Mode S in Europe. The company has been working to address certification issues with European regulators as part of its effort to return to European sales.

The company has received WLTP range certifications for its flagship models in Europe. The news was revealed on Tesla's website in Europe. It seems that its first deliveries will be made very soon.

The news comes two years after Tesla stopped delivering these models to the European market.

The company announced this latest milestone on its website in Europe this week, revealing that both vehicles had received their official WLTP range rating certificates. The release of these new official range ratings is excellent news for Tesla reservation holders.

Previously, the Model S Dual Motor was shown to have an estimated range of 634 kilometers (394 miles), while the Plaid model was showing 600 kilometers (373 miles) on a full charge. These numbers were denoted with an asterisk and an asterisked price on the online configurator.

These asterisks have now been removed from both cars' ranges and prices, but no changes have been made to Tesla's predictions for either vehicle. However, Plaid and Model X Dual Motor All-wheel Drive showed ranges of 560 kilometers and 528km (328 miles), respectively.

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Tesla has not yet announced a specific date for these vehicles to reach European shores. However, it is anticipated that the first shipment of Model S Plaid vehicles will arrive in November, with initial deliveries in late November or early December.

Model S and Model X automobiles are anticipated to reach Europe in the first quarter of 2023—but they may not include ultrasonic sensors. Last week, a newly-built Model S Plaid was sighted in China without the sensors, a move that Tesla only recently acknowledged.

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