Modell 3/Y Automatisk døråpning (V2)
Modell 3/Y Automatisk døråpning (V2)
Modell 3/Y Automatisk døråpning (V2)
Modell 3/Y Automatisk døråpning (V2)
Modell 3/Y Automatisk døråpning (V2)
Modell 3/Y Automatisk døråpning (V2)

Modell 3/Y Automatisk døråpning (V2)



  • Auto Opening & Closing: Effortlessly open and close doors using the mobile app, door handles, key cards, panel buttons, or additional buttons.
  • Radar-Sensing Door Opening: Unlock doors via the mobile app, and the laser radar system automatically opens the driver's door (within a 15-minute interval).
  • Sensor-Activated Door Setting: Close the doors and quickly press the additional button three times to enable or disable the sensor-activated door function, signaled by an audible prompt.
  • Anti-Collision Door Opening: Automatic door opening automatically stops when obstacles are detected by the laser radar system.
  • Door Position Memory: Save the desired door position by long-pressing the button for 3 seconds, signaled by an audible prompt. Close the door with another press of the button.
  • Close All Doors: Simply tap the screen lock button to automatically close all doors.
  • Auto Door Interruption: Press the brake pedal once to pause the automatic door operation. Press it again to close the doors.
  • Auto Door Closure: Doors automatically close 30 seconds after leaving the vehicle when Bluetooth is active or when using the physical key.
  • Remote Key: Double press the unlock button to automatically open the driver's door. Single press to close it.
  • Anti-Pinch Function: Electric lock automatically stops and partially retracts if it encounters resistance during the engagement process.
  • Anti-Play Mode: When the door is closed, open the door and immediately close the door to the semi-lock state, and the electric lock will enter the anti-play mode.
  • OTA Upgrades: Supports OTA online upgrades.

Installation Manual: Click Here

Bilmodell (førersiden): Modell 3 2017-2023.08 (venstrestyrt)
Modell 3 2017-2023.08 (venstrestyrt)
Model 3 2017-2023.08 (Left Hand Drive)
Modell 3 2017-2023.08 (høyrekjøring)
Modell 3 2017-2023.08 (høyrehøyrrikk)
Model Y (Left Hand Drive)
Model Y (venstrestyrt)
Model Y (høyrestyrt)
Automatisk visning av dør: Foran venstre dør
Foran venstre dør
Høyre dør foran
Front right door
Foran venstre + høyre dører
Forreste venstre dør
Front left door
Soft Close Door (V5): Andre 3 dører
Andre 3 dører
Bak 2 dører
Rear 2 doors
Other 3 doors
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Latest Radar-sensing Technology

Hansshow Auto Presenting Doors for Tesla Model 3/Y offers the convenience of unlocking doors with the mobile app, plus hands-free access when the laser radar system detects you within 15 minutes and automatically opens the driver's door. Enjoy easy access to your vehicle with a modern technology solution.

Anti-Collision Door Opening

Provide convenience and safety with its automatic door opening system that stops when obstacles are detected by the laser radar system. With this system, you can count on reliable and accurate performance that boosts convenience and safety.

Multiple Intelligent Control Methods

Embrace a new level of comfort and convenience with our performance-upgraded automatic doors. Effortlessly enter and exit your vehicle, transforming each journey into a luxurious experience.

Supports OTA Online Upgrades

Allowing for reliable and efficient upgrades on the go. Enjoy a secure, automotive-grade experience with the convenience of OTA-enabled upgrades.