Modell 3 / Y Center Console Dashboard berøringsskjerm (9,0 tommers Linux)
Modell 3 / Y Center Console Dashboard berøringsskjerm (9,0 tommers Linux)
Modell 3 / Y Center Console Dashboard berøringsskjerm (9,0 tommers Linux)
Modell 3 / Y Center Console Dashboard berøringsskjerm (9,0 tommers Linux)
Modell 3 / Y Center Console Dashboard berøringsskjerm (9,0 tommers Linux)
Modell 3 / Y Center Console Dashboard berøringsskjerm (9,0 tommers Linux)
Modell 3 / Y Center Console Dashboard berøringsskjerm (9,0 tommers Linux)
Modell 3 / Y Center Console Dashboard berøringsskjerm (9,0 tommers Linux)
Modell 3 / Y Center Console Dashboard berøringsskjerm (9,0 tommers Linux)

Modell 3 / Y Center Console Dashboard berøringsskjerm (9,0 tommers Linux)


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New OTA Version

  • Design: Ultra-thin Narrow edge design, instrument frame only about 3mm; 2.5D screen fits perfectly on the original car dashboard
  • OTA Upgrade: Support OTA online upgrade. No longer need to download the upgrade file and unzip files to transfer new firmware
  • UI Upgrade: Support UI upgrade, with 3 styles UI design: Classic; Romatic; Originality
  • New Function: automatically shutdown the screen upon lock, through the software; support reset and restart the system


  • Compatible Models: This Tesla instrument cluster is specially customized for Model Y 2020-2022+ and Model 3 2016-2022+, compatible with Intel Atom and AMD Ryzen CPU
  • Unique Design: Ultra-thin 9.0-inch IPS touch HD 1920*720 screen, with High screen ratio, extremely narrow frame appearance display with thin seamless bezel, perfectly into your the dashboard for OEM look
  • Linux System: The hardware of 9.0-inch screen with a powerful CPU with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, offers you a faster and smoother experience. It support multiple control method: touch screen, mobile phone, steering wheel, and voice control
  • Sync Information: Automatically synchronizes with the information on the original car central control screen, such as vehicle speed/gear/electricity/light status/door information/safety distance/speed limit warning/tire abnormal pressure warning, etc
  • Easy Installation: Plug & Play, Non-destructive installation


  • Supports Apple wireless CarPlay and wired/wireless Android Auto
  • Support OTA online upgrade (New version)
  • Support Smart Phone Screen Projection
  • Support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection
  • Support Voice Assistant, such as Siri/Google etc.
  • Support auto sync the brightness of original vehicle main screen
  • Support auto switching the day and night mode

Installation Manual: Click Here
Screen Operation Guide: Click Here

Upgrade software and instructions for lighting problems on the 9-inch screen after Tesla upgraded to 28.2 version:Click Here

For installation service in Southern California, United States, please call Tes Studio:
Phone Number: +1 (657) 565-1007
Pre-Sales Inquiry:
After-Sales Support:

Bilmodell (CPU-versjon): Modell 3 2017-2023.08 (Intel Atom)
Modell 3 2017-2023.08 (Intel Atom)
Modell Y (Intel Atom)
Førersiden: Venstre håndstasjon / LHD
Venstre håndstasjon / LHD
Høyrekjøring / RHD
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Common Troubleshooting Guide


  • The power supply fuse is burnt out
  • Microprocessor abnormal operation caused by other factors
  • After unplugged the host connector, it is not plugged in within 5 minutes
  • The host or screen plug is not plugged tightly


  • Replace the fuse of the same model
  • Restart the key fob
  • Connect all the wire harnesses, lock the car for 2 hours, keep the mobile phone and remote key more than 20 meters away from the car, and check whether the screen can be setup after 2 hours
  • Reconnect the host plug


  • Screen data error


  • Press the RST reset button on the right side of the screen to restart the system


  • Navigation software is uninstalled or deleted


  • Re install the navigation software


  • WIFI is not connected or there is no 4G network


  • Connect WIFI to synchronize online map or check whether there is 4G signal


  • GPS antenna position interferes


  • Relocate the position


  • The protocol wire of the power wire is not connected


  • Reconnect the wire and check the wire interface


  • Carplay did not connect in the correct way or the screen software version is outdated


  • Reconnect Bluetooth or upgrade APP; Contact aftersale service or download the upgrade software from the website


  • The system signal is not synchronized


  • Unplug the power cable and reconnect


  • Signal jamming


  • 1. Set the default call path to the original vehicle Bluetooth or external speakers.
  • 2. When using carplay, if you want to route calls through the car or speakers by default, you need to go to iPhone Settings>Accessibility>Touch>Call Audio Routing>Set as Bluetooth headset, and then default to any Bluetooth device. In this case, Tesla is selected.


  • Incorrect setting


  • Check whether auto is selected in the setting instead of speaker

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sascha S.

Installation was quick and easy. The display is a little reflective, but this can be solved with a film.

Matt Briney
Easy install

This product is easy to install and works really well. The Intel and AMD refers to what type of computer you have installed in your Tesla, find this on the about screen in the car. It's very important you get this correct when you order.

Justin Bell
Awesome display

Very easy installation, had Apple CarPlay and Waze running in no time which was the only missing from the Tesla. Can highly recommend.

Angela Thompson
I needed this!!!

Going from a traditional car with a speedometer to the Tesla model Y it was hard to get used to not having a speedometer. This unit took me about an hour to install it and looks like a factory unit compared to the center screen. It still allows plenty of air to travel toward the driver seat with it installed. The clean look of the night speedometer is my favorite. I recommend this to anyone that can’t get used to not having the traditional speedometer.

Shereen Tiab
Makes the transition to a Tesla 100x easier

While it was a little time intensive to install, it’s at no fault of Hansshow; Tesla’s placement of the computer plug-ins is not in an optimal place. The integration of the Heads-Up Display is seamless, quite literally plug and play. I’m able to choose to see my miles left on the Hansshow and percentage left on the Tesla screen. One thing I immediately hated about my Tesla was the lack of smart phone integration, but Hansshow solved that problem by giving back the ability to have CarPlay. I’m beyond pleased and would recommend this product to any Model 3 and Model Y owner. Looks OEM.