Tesla Modell Y Kjøleskap Bærbart Kjøleskap Sub Trunk Frysje
Tesla Modell Y Kjøleskap Bærbart Kjøleskap Sub Trunk Frysje
Tesla Modell Y Kjøleskap Bærbart Kjøleskap Sub Trunk Frysje
Tesla Modell Y Kjøleskap Bærbart Kjøleskap Sub Trunk Frysje
Tesla Modell Y Kjøleskap Bærbart Kjøleskap Sub Trunk Frysje
Tesla Modell Y Kjøleskap Bærbart Kjøleskap Sub Trunk Frysje

Tesla Modell Y Kjøleskap Bærbart Kjøleskap Sub Trunk Frysje

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Choose Your Model: Model 3 2017-2023.10
Model 3 2017-2023.10
Model Y
SKU: 10G00002
Merk: Dette produktet er ikke egnet for alle modeller i USA. Hvis du er amerikansk bileier, anbefaler vi å kjøpe et svart bilkjøleskap.
  • Bilmodell: Pass på alle Tesla Modell Y-biler, 1:1 originale bilformen, nøyaktig sømløs integrering med den opprinnelige kjøretøyet, ikke-destruktiv installasjon, ingen skade på kjøretøyets opprinnelige sele og funksjoner.
  • Materialer: Høy densitets polyesterskumlag kan sikkert låse temperaturen inne i kjøleskapet mens de motstår ytre temperaturer (innre og ytre skal) laget av PP-materiale PU-skumoisoleringsmateriale.
  • Raskkkjøling: Effektiv kjøling, ultrahurtig justerbar temperaturområde 10 °C til -22 °C, som oppfyller kravene til konstant temperatur for ulike punkter.
  • Lavspenningsvern: Innebygd lavspenningskret identifiserer 12V lavspenningsbatterityper etter oppstart og iverksetter tilsvarende vernetiltak.
  • Energibesparende og lavt forbruk: Lavt energiforbruk, svært effektivt, MAX (hastig kjølingsmodus) / ECO (energisparingsmodus). Energisparingsmodusen kan fungere bærekraftig med strømforsyning.
  • 35L kapasitet
  • Skjult handtak
  • APP-kontroll

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Reason: Maximum capacity of 35L.


1. Can vertically fit 24 bottles of 550ml mineral water.

2.Can accommodate forty 380ml small mineral water bottles.

3.Can hold a maximum of 60 kilograms of meat.

Reason: From room temperature, the refrigerator can reach 0 degrees in just 30 minutes and go below -18 degrees within two and a half hours.

Solution: A bottle of water at room temperature can freeze in four to five hours.

Reason: Yes, LED light will flash as a reminder.
Solution: If the refrigerator door is left open for one to three minutes, the LED light will start flashing, reminding you to close the door to prevent cold air from escaping.

Reason: No, it is not high.
Solution: 1. Stable power consumption of 45W to 50W, which is one-third of the power consumption of a household fan and equivalent to that of a light bulb.

2.The refrigerator uses only 1% of the car's power in a day (generally 0.6 kWh, potentially up to 1 kWh in high-temperature, full-load conditions in summer).

3.With a fully charged Tesla, the refrigerator can run continuously for 100 days x 24 hours.

Reason: No, it is not.
Solution: The heat dissipation air duct is located at the back. Our radiator draws in air from the right side. There is an air duct for heat dissipation under the Tesla Model Y's cover, ensuring effective heat dissipation.

Reason: No, it won't.

Solution: Normally, our car-mounted refrigerator is powered by the 12V cigarette lighter socket, which is supplied by the small battery. The small battery is charged by the main battery. After locking the vehicle, the main battery gradually enters a dormant state. The small battery is typically never disconnected, as it's needed for basic vehicle functions and wake-up. Our product features voltage protection. If there's a risk of the small battery being drained, the compressor will automatically shut off, stopping the refrigerator. Only the insulation function will continue.

Reason: Yes, it can.

Solution: Enable Sentry Mode or Camp Mode (ensure vehicle battery is in good condition before performing this operation).