Model Y Power Frunk V5 and Trunk Kick Sensor
Model Y Power Frunk V5 and Trunk Kick Sensor
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Model Y Power Frunk V5 and Trunk Kick Sensor
Model Y Power Frunk V5 and Trunk Kick Sensor
Model Y Power Frunk V5 and Trunk Kick Sensor
Model Y Power Frunk V5 and Trunk Kick Sensor
Model Y Power Frunk V5 and Trunk Kick Sensor

Model Y Power Frunk V5 and Trunk Kick Sensor


Attention to Model Y 2023+ Owners:

Dear valued customer,
Before making any purchases or inquiries, please ensure you are aware of whether your Model Y is the Austin or Berlin version. To confirm, check the type of your front trunk support by referring to the last two images. If you encounter difficulties in identifying your version, feel free to reach out to our technical support team for assistance.
  • Powe Frunk V5 Features:
    1) Superfine strut
    2) Ultra low noise strut and electric suction lock
    3) Waterproof control box and electric lock
    4) Aviation grade waterproof plug
    5) Specially designed bracket for durability improvement and non-destructive installation
    6) Intelligent control system prevents the Frunk from opening while driving
    4. 1 year warranty


  • 🚗 With gear detection function, the original tailgate has no gear detection
    This new version will only open the tailgate with kick sensor in P gear, The tailgate cannot be operated when the kick sensor is in the protection state in N/R/D gear, N. D. R gear can be opened according to the original manual buckle
  • 🚗 With car washing protection function,
    Equipped with a wireless remote control. In the car washing mode, press the lock button of the remote control to cut off the kick sensor. After the car washing, press the unlock button to start, so as to prevent the tailgate from mistakenly opening due to the kick of the water gun in the car washing state

Note: Due to an official system upgrade, some vehicle models are unable to use the Tesla app to close the front trunk, but other functions such as opening are still functioning normally.

Installation Manual:Click Here

Model Y Power Frunk Installation Manual: Click Here

Model Y Power Frunk: Model Y 2019-2022
Model Y 2019-2022
Model Y 2023+( Austin/Berlin Version)
Model Y 2023+
Trunk Kick Sensor: Yes
SKU: 10A00011

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1. Install in the first time, After the frunk is opened and reaches the highest position, the frunk automatically descend for a certain distance or automatically close;
2. After saving the open position, the frunk cannot be closed on the central control screen, and other control modes are normal;
3. The opening speed is very fast, and it seems to be bouncing off;
4. Press opening, and after unlocking, the frunk can not automatic rise;
5. After opening, it cannot be closed;
6. If other control abnormal conditions, also try to upgrade
Solution: Please download the following upgrade file and instruction to upgrade the Auto Door Handle.
Upgrade File & Instruction: Click Here

For installation services in the United States, please contact Tes Studio:
TesStudio number: +1 (657) 565-1007

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    Mar 01 - Mar 05

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