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Tesla Fans Are Debating Whether This Insane Save Was Due To Autopilot

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Tesla fans on social media are debating whether a remarkable footage of a Model Y avoiding an accident was due to Autopilot/Full Self-Driving (FSD) or the driver's excellent reflexes. 

Why it matters: Elon Musk has always maintained that Autopilot and FSD are designed primarily as safety systems. Together with Tesla's suite of active and passive safety features, Autopilot and FSD provide drivers with several tools that could help avoid accidents. 

In the event that an accident is unavoidable, Teslas are designed to be as safe as possible. This is especially true for the Model Y, which is so well-designed that it was able to protect a family of four when it was allegedly driven off a 250-foot cliff at Devil's Slide, California, earlier this year. 

It is these safety features that have made Teslas into some of the safest vehicles in the world. 

What's happening: A video that's been making the rounds in social media has resulted in a lot of debates among the electric vehicle community. The video, which was taken from another vehicle, showed a Tesla Model Y reacting quickly when a Honda CR-V veered sharply into its lane. The Model Y reacted fast, and it looked like it didn't even skip a beat as it accelerated away from the CR-V. 

A number of Tesla owners noted that the Model Y's evasive maneuver looked like something that could be accomplished by an experienced driver. Others also observed that the Model Y was not dead center in its lane, which is typically not the case when Autopilot or FSD is engaged. The vehicle's brakes also engaged as the CR-V veered into the Model Y's lane, which may have disengaged Autopilot.  

That being said, other EV fans argued that the movement of the Model Y in the video looked too robotic, so it was likely Autopilot or FSD that initiated the maneuver. Others also pointed out that Autopilot or FSD don't always stay in the center of a lane if the pavement is uneven. Brake lights can be engaged by Autopilot or FSD as well. 

What we have: The Tesla Model Y is one of the safest vehicles on the road today, having earned perfect scores in safety tests from organizations like the NHTSA and the Euro NCAP. Even in an extremely safe vehicle like the Model Y, however, there are still ways to make the car safer. 

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