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Cyber Monday: TOP 5 Best Tesla Parts For Tesla Owners

We have great news! Hansshow offers the most wanted accessories for Tesla vehicles including all the models: Model Y, Model S, Model 3, and Model X. We are also offering you with a 30% discount on the 5 best Tesla accessories. Use coupon HSNews15 to avail this offer at checkout!

Hansshow factory produces and manufactures Tesla accessories. We are providing customers with quality cost-effective products with an after-sales guarantee. Also, we are releasing Tesla news and issues related to Tesla and SpaceX etc.

It is a trusted brand to buy accessories for not only customizing your Tesla car but you can also get immense discounts. 


5 Top Best Tesla Accessories

1. Ultra Mini 4.6" Screen Display For Model 3/Y

Ultra Mini Dashboard screen

Hansshow Ultra Mini Screen Display

The Hansshow Ultra Mini Screen Display is extraordinary. It has features that provide you car lighting information, power , speed in KM/H or MPH, temperature in °F, and steering display. The mini screen provides original vehicle data mold without blocking airflow during air conditioning. It has a feature of data synchronization where the original vehicle information appears in real time.

Don't look at it only 4.6 inches so small screen, it uses IPS screen, can give you the experience of high-definition picture. It allows you to clearly see the status information of the driving vehicle while driving. The mini screen has options of two different CPUs which are Intel Atom, and AMD Ryzen. Both of these are compatible with Tesla Models Y and Model 3. 

It has two modes: day and night and it changes colors with time. It can be clearly seen from the picture that when the car is driving at night, the screen can switch to the night mode screen according to the time status. That is to prevent Tesla owners from being illuminated by dazzling lights during driving.

It has two modes: day and night and it changes colors with time.

The mini screen is very easy to install, it only takes 20 minutes, plug and play. The interior of your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y won't be harmed during installation as no drilling is required to fit it.

There is a plaid feature and if your tiny screen did not already have the plaid feature, you can improve it using the steps below:

  • Added feature: plaid mode.

When you accelerate from a standstill, the mini screen will display a plaid mode.

For extra details, pictures, and pricing visit our online store and go to BUY NOW. It's Cyber Monday so don't forget to use the coupon HSNews30 or you will lose your 30% discount

2. Model Y Power Frunk V5

Model Y Power Frunk V5

Hansshow Model Y Power Frunk

Hansshow Model Y Power Frunk has all you need for your Tesla. However, it is compatible with Model Y only. If you own any other model visit Top Best Tesla Accessories. 

Hansshow Power Frunk V5 includes a superfine strut, an electric suction lock, and an ultra-quiet strut. It has an electric lock, water-resistant control box, aviation-grade waterproof plug, and a specially designed bracket. This bracket is used for increased durability and non-destructive installation. The smart control system stops the Frunk from opening while a vehicle is in motion. So, you do not have to worry about automatically starting it while you are driving.

You can also open and close the trunk with the center console, key fob, Tesla app and smart watch. It has an easy installation which is all plug and play so you can be assured that you do not need drilling in your car. The installation plug has the same open height as the original drunk.

If you are interested in this product, then you can also follow this product - Model Y Tailgate Kick Sensors. Used them together, the two products will take your Tesla Model Y car up a notch.

Model Y Tailgate Kick Sensors for opening the tailgate with efficiency. This Tesla accessories for users who are traveling alone or on business trips, have too much stuff on their hands, or are not convenient to open the front or rear hood. It will reduce the hassle of operation for them.


You can get extra details, photos, descriptions, and pricing on our website. Visit the web or directly go to BUY NOW. Don't forget to use the coupon HSNews15 and get a 30% discount on your purchase.

3. Model 3/Y Rear Climate & Music Control Screen

Model 3/Y Rear Climate & Music Control Screen

Easy and understandable control system

The Hansshow Model 3 Y rear touchscreen has an original factory-style design that perfectly matches the original rear AC vent shape. It is a 960×320 screen with a UI theme.

It has a rear touchscreen feature which is equipped with front and rear AC adjustment functions, 5-seat heating separate adjustment function, camping mode, music control, and other benefits. 

Hansshow Multi-function screen features

With Hansshow Model 3/Y Rear Climate & Music Control Screen, the rear passengers can easily control the climate, and music in the rear seat without the help of the front passengers. The screen is very simple to operate.

When camping, you can lie down in the car to control the climate and music on the rear display screen, which is easy and fast.

You can also buy a Model 3 Y Rear Entertainment and Climate Control Touch Screen Display together with Model 3/Y Rear Climate & Music Control Screen for adding more features. Hansshow also offers an entertainment version that allows you to play games and watch movies, in addition to climate control.

For more details and prices visit our store Hansshow, or simply ADD TO CART. Use coupon code HSNews15 to avail a 30% discount on your purchase.


4. Model 3, and Model Y Dashboard Touch Screen Swiveling Mount kit

Do you remember this product that was recommended in the Black Friday campaign? That's right! This is the product that is quite a useful car accessory among all Tesla accessories.

Hansshow Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard Touch Screen Swiveling Mount kit is compatible with Tesla Model 3 2017 and later and Tesla Model Y 2020 and later. The swivel mount's safety design allows for smooth movement in four directions up and down 15°, left and right 30°.

The screen is firmly installed, stable, and solid so it won't easily fall off. The Hansshow Dashboard Touch Screen Swiveling Mount kit is a solution to the problem of the driver's viewing angle during driving. As the original screen can not rotate, it causes reflections. The driver can not see the car information, and he needs to turn his head. Therefore, the rotating bracket function allows Tesla owners to better experience the operation of the center control screen.

Model 3, and Model Y Dashboard Touch Screen Swiveling Mount kit

To help you drive securely, you can choose the most comfortable viewing position for the navigation system. The high caliber content is strong and long-lasting, made of high-quality aluminum alloy and ABS. You may use it with confidence and delight in the simple screen rotation.

It has a simple installation and it doesn't require any demolition, and installing screws won't harm the original vehicle. The swiveling allows you to rotate the screen both up and down and left and right. The display can simply pivot left and right using this combination, making it possible to position the display conveniently.

Once your screen is mounted, enjoy comfortable viewing angles with a horizontal rotation of -30° to +30°, an up-and-down rotation of -15° to +15°, and a vertical rotation of -15° to +30°. It allows you to drive sensibly and without impairing vision.

For photos, descriptions, pricing, and ordering visit the website or ADD TO CART now. Don't miss the Cyber Monday 30% discount by forgetting the coupon HSNews15.

5. Model 3/Y Tempered Glass Screen Protector with auto-alignment mount kit

Hansshow Model 3/Y Tempered Glass Screen Protector is compatible with Tesla Models  3 for all years. This screen has an arc-edge design. It is made of tempered glass which increases its durability. It has 9H hardness and 0.33mm thickness, which accurately matches the original screen, and successfully prevents the screen from cracking as a result of a collision while using it.

The anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint features are impressive. 110-degree angle water drop test efficiently prevents fingerprints or other stains on the screen while in use and effectively resists scratches.

You can select from two finishes in this Hasshow screen. The most common option is matte because of its smudge and glare-resistant qualities. The other option is HD Clear. Matte's clarity is brighter, it looks like a factory screen, but it has less anti-glare and anti-fingerprint protection.

Just like a phone screen, you need a new phone protective film . You may also apply a crooked phone film due to carelessness and inexperience. The same goes for Tesla's center console screen. To avoid mistakes and waste, Hansshow offers a new film application tool which name auto- alignment tool. The auto-alignment tool can quick, simple, and accurate, only 6 steps to complete the film.  You don't have to worry about sticking the film well anymore.

For more information visit the web page Hansshow or go to BUY NOW. You will get details, descriptions, pricing, and guides there. Also, use coupon code HSNews15 to avail yourself of 30% off on your purchase with the most unique manufacturer Hansshow.


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