4 Doors handle kits
automatic door handles in light
Model 3/Y Auto Present Door Handle (4 Doors) - V3
Model 3 Y auto present door handle
Auto prensent door handles core functions
100% Upgrade original door handle fit for tesla model
The light of vehicle door handles display
Door handle colors can be switched by pressing internal button
model 3 Y door handles kits
Auto present door handles accessories display
Model Y 2021/07+ Extension adapter plug for rear door

Model 3/Y Auto Present Door Handle (4 Doors) - V3

5.063,00 kr
Door Handle Light: White Light
White Light
Colorful light
Door Handle Finish: Matte Black
Matte Black
Carbon Fiber Style
Choose Your Model: Model 3 2021-2024
Model 3 2021-2024
Model Y
SKU: 10L00011
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