Model 3/Y Soft Close Door
soft close car door kit
Automatic electric suction door
Intelligent Soft Close Door
Automatic open door of the soft close door
Model 3/Y Soft Close Door
Model 3/Y Soft Close Door
Waterproof  Soft Close Door
Waterproof Soft Close Door

Model 3/Y Soft Close Door

7.686,00 kr

Hansshow Soft Close Door providing a much more gentle manner to address the process of door closing. Simply close any of the four doors lightly and the system will automatically take it over.

  • Multi-Functions :
    (1) Double emergency protection- Doors can be opened and closed under emergency such as power failure;
    (2) Foreign object detection -The soft close door kit will detect your finger when it's close to avoid any injury';
    (3) Super silence - lower than 40db, you will not hear any noise
  • Installation :plug & play ; non-destructive installation; Directly replacing the door lock of the original car, 100% nondestructive installation

For installation service in Southern California, United States, please call Tes Studio:
Phone Number: +1 (657) 565-1007

Car Model: Model 3 2017-2023.08
Model 3 2017-2023.08
Model Y
Version (V4): Version 4
Version 4
Door Option: 4 Doors
4 Doors
SKU: 10T00030
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    Jun 02 - Jun 06

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