Clear rear view mirror
Clear rear view mirror
Tesla Model 3/Y Streaming media rearview mirror
Streaming media rearview mirror with camera
rear view mirror camera parts
tesla rearview mirror
The backside of Model 3/Y streaming media rearview mirror
Clear image on rear view mirror
Hansshow Tesla Model 3/Y streaming rearview mirror kits
How to disting the year of Model 3

Rétroviseur en streaming modèle 3/Y Carmera


Ce produit ne peut pas prendre en charge la voiture Hardware 4 Tesla.

Remarque : la voiture modèle Y 2023 peut avoir des supports différents. Si votre voiture est un modèle Y 2023, veuillez vérifier si les supports ont été modifiés.

Modèle de voiture: Modèle 3 2016-2019/02
Modèle 3 2016-2019/02
Modèle 3 2019/03-2022
Modèle Y
Version: 1 caméra arrière
1 caméra arrière
SKU: 10H00026

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Julian Fountain
Eliminated blind spot issue

Installation was not too hard, video helped. Good quality components that look like original equipment. I wish that the field if view was adjustable because cars directly behind look further away. Blind spots are completely resolved

Daniel Chui
Rear view mirror camera

This was not an easy install. One of the biggest problem for me was when I broke the screw on the mirror arm. Other than that, the mirror is amazing. So far, so good. The video quality is great. The night visibility is better than the one on the OEM stock Tesla camera. Even in the rain, the quality is far more better than stock.

John Guillory
A Must for Tinted Rear Window

Installation took a few hours and had to watch multiple videos but well worth it! Decent resolution could be better but a vast improvement over the stock mirror.

Dave Gaulden
Streaming Rearview Mirror

The streaming rearview mirror was not extremely difficult to install but does require some time and effort. Overall, I really like it. The clarity and brightness is good and the wide angle (160 deg) view elimenates the blind spots. Camera adjustability is very good. I like that I can turn it toward me and not the back window and don’t have to look at head rests or heads in the back seat. The mirror does get pretty warm if sitting still (e.g. doors open for extended period while cleaning or working on car. Suggest turn it off under these circumstances. The mirror view may not be desirable if seat is far forward (shorter legs). I would like to see the mount modified to move it toward the windshield as much as possibly; even if only a couple inches back and slightly lower. If you have bi/tri focal glasses like me you might have to tilt your head back a bit to get a clear view. Overall, a good product and satisfied customer.

Norman Roberts
Model Y with HW4

The streaming mirror is a great accessory for model Y, but beware if you have a 2023 with HW4 it does not fit.
The mounting bracket on the updated Y is different and does not align with this mirror. I contacted Hansshow about the problem, and let them know I may have a method to make it work.
They asked for me to send photo of the problem, I asked to cad drawing for the mount that attached to their mirror back so I could fabricate an adapter, and if it worked I would share the info . I received no response.
So I created a cad drawing of the back mounting plate, a 3d printed an adapter shim to make mirror tilt up a little more to make it useable. Also the top section of the connecting arm needs to be removed and rotated 180 deg, this aligns the Connector to match the tesla mount, making the installation possible.
Hopefully in the future Hansshow will have a option for seamless fit soon.

Once installed it is a great quality product.


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