Tesla model S Power Trunk (2012+ model)


Model S Power Trunk from hansshow will be a huge benefit to you. It will level up your Model S Trunk with liftgate functionality.

    • Hands free liftgate
    • Multiple intelligent control methods
    • Adjustable height, opening & closing speed
    • Sound prompt function
    • Anti-pinch function
    • Ultra quiet operation
    • Easy to install without any damage to original car/wires
    • Support wholesale, OEM group purchasing at a very good price
    • Over 500 installation points in 26 different countries. Send enquiry to us now.

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    Hansshow model a power trunk

    An easy-access Model S power trunk will surely become more than a novelty.

    The hands-free liftgate not only allows you to open the trunk, but it can also close it. If you don’t have a hands-on experience, this may not sound impressive, but it changes the manual trunk, which not only needs to be opened manually, but must also be closed very gently with both hands.

    Removing this manual from this equation can make the trunk more useful when approaching the groceries. Before we dive in, check out this video showing off how Model S power trunk works.

    Tesla Model S Power Trunk Video:

    Now you can operate Model S power trunk through a key fob, driver room touch screen, the external handle, a control button on the tailgate, or even the more convenient kick sensor, and you can fully control it no matter where you are.

    model 3 power trunk multiple control methods


    The setting method of the maximum opening height is exactly the same as that of the Tesla factory electric lift door-by manually adjusting the trunk to the height you want, then press and hold the close button until a beep sounds as confirmation.

    Usually, when you buy Tesla Model S, you need to add this feature as an advanced upgrade, but our retrofit kit has all the same features.

    If necessary, the installation is completely reversible, but we are sure that this is an advanced feature and you will not regret it.

    The box contains all the items needed to install the hands-free liftgate.

    hansshow electric liftgate for tesla mode s

    • German imported spring material


    • Aluminum alloy casing


    • high-quality motor


    • BMW original plug


    • Precision craftsmanship with IP 65 rating


    • System functions are continuously optimized, making product performance better.


    • Design tailored struts for different models, make sure excellent use effect.

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