Volvo V60 2015+ power tailgate

Power Tailgate: Yes
Kick sensor: Yes
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    May 22 - May 26

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1.Open and Close the power tailgate lift using kick sensor.
2.Open and Close the electric tailgate using the key fob.
3.Close the power liftgate kit with the supplied button (added in the automatic lift gate).
4.Open the universal power liftgate kit using front button.


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Why do you need to install a power tailgate?

Maybe you have encountered the following troubles in your life

A: Carrying too many objects; B: The back door is too high. C: Weather causes when the weather is cold or hot.D: Dirty back door has too much dust

Now just install an electric tailgate to solve the above troubles

Why can installing an electric tailgate solve these troubles? Because there are many smart ways to open and close the tailgate of the car after installing the electric tailgate. when you encounter the above situations that you are inconvenient to touch the tailgate by hand, you can use the car key to control the switch, and when your hands both are full of shopping bags, you can also use the foot senor to open.

Other features of the product

1.Double rod running balance and stability

Double rod support, uniform strength, bilateral synchronous operation, more stable support (Note: Some models are single pole)

2.Library-level mute

The intelligent double rod adopts an imported motor, which runs smoothly, stably and silently, providing you with A quiet and comfortable car environment

3.Smart anti-pinch safe and secure

During operation, the tailgate has a sensitive anti-pinch function, and it will run in reverse or stop when it touches an obstacle. Humanized protection, always giving you a full sense of security

4.Height memory free adjustment

The door can flexibly memorize the height, just push the tailgate to a suitable height, and then long-press the function key to the "drop" With a long beep, open the door next time and it will rise to the set height

1.Find installation too difficult?

Don't worry. For this case, we provide  install guide manual, even offer installer to help you install


2.Worried that the price is too high?

                                          Hansshow technology has accumulated a wealth of engineering experience in power liftgate manufacturing after more than ten years of auto parts industry research and work. So, we provide the lowest factory price all the time.

3.Worried about destroying the original car's functions?

Safe access to electricity Double fuse design Does not affect the original car circuit Does not affect other normal operation of the functional system

Direct plug-in installation does not damage the car